Because I felt the need for it, now the blog has an all purpose discussion page. So pretty much any topic is up for grabs here (obviously within reason). You can even post things here that might be better suited in another page. It doesn’t really matter. I read it all on the same page when moderating it anyway, so you might as well do some of it here.

Other stuff that will likely end up here:

-Polls: Not really sure if I have enough of a day to day user base for this to work just yet, but eventually I will start doing some of these.

-Random Links: There are a whole butt load of links that I have in numerous postings. So as to make them easier to navigate, they may end up here with reference to the root post where they originated.

-Characters: I create bizarre and strange creature characters that I rant and rave about, so as not to cause confusion, an informative list will eventually be constructed (though any of these topics may grow large enough to earn them a page of their own).

-Pretty much anything else I can come up with.